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I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis for over a year before I had acupuncture done.  Before the treatments the pain was excruciating when walking, or even just standing.  Nothing seemed to help the pain, not medicine or ice therapy, but after two treatments of acupuncture (with Jacqui), I am now pain free.


Jacqui, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the time you have invested in me and my aching back! I have spent a good amount to time undergoing Accupuncture but until I started working with you it acted mostly as a bandaid.  The effects of your treatments have been profound. It is clear that you not only have a deep understanding of your work but a particularly effective approach. For the first time in perhaps 5 years I am able to live almost pain free and for that I thank you!


Acupuncturist Jacqui Bryant has a special ability to quickly identify your bodily discomforts. As a patient, I find she instills a confidence with her unique talent to explain why she’s performing a procedure and, more importantly, to convey expected results. I have benefitted greatly from acupuncture and her wonderful approach to healing what ails you.


I have treated two of my dogs with a vet that specializes in acupuncture and thought I would try it since it helped my dogs so much. Jacqui Bryant treated me in the summer of 2011 after having suffered many years of neck pain brought on by two accidents. The most recent being thrown off a motorcycle in which I suffered a second whiplash. For years I have been seeking chiropractic care and massages for my neck pain. Both of which are also great therapies and have been very beneficial to me. I would wake up every day with neck pain. After seeking out care at the AIAM and being treated by Jacqui I have almost no pain at all. Jacqui is a very personable and caring practitioner and I would recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture. She is very patient and seemed truly concerned about my condition and wanted to help me.

-A true believer

I just finished my third treatment for a Sciatica problem with my right leg.  Two and 1/2 weeks ago, I could barely walk, because my right leg hurt so bad (it felt like someone had shot me in the leg).  Jacqui Bryant treated me and I can now walk with no pain.  Insurance does not cover Acupunture, but the treatments are worth every penny.
-Mr. E. K. Bourne, Danville, KY