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Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Fertility

I was recently asked to do a guest post on acupuncture for pregnancy/fertility for the website  Are you wondering how acupuncture helps improve fertility or why so many pregnant women use it as an alternative to prescription drugs?  Then this post is for you!


When many people hear the word “acupuncture,” they automatically think of treating pain. Most people know at least one person who has seen an acupuncturist for effective relief of back pain or arthritis. After all, that’s what we generally use it for, right? Not necessarily! At my practice, over 75% of the patients I see are seeking help for something other than pain control. Two of the most common issues that bring men and women in are infertility and pregnancy symptoms. Acupuncture is so effective at addressing these complaints that I’ve built an entire practice on helping couples achieve happy and healthy pregnancies. The list below details many of the most common pregnancy-related issues that acupuncture has been shown to help.

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